We have had great success in securing full non-probationary licenses, with just a citation placed on the record at license issuance, for licensed vocational nurse applicants with prior criminal records.  The key to this success has been demonstrating our clients’ rehabilitation to show the Board that a probationary license or license denial was not necessary to protect the public.  It should be noted that a typical outcome for a licensed vocational nurse license applicant with a criminal record is a probationary license at best and a license denial at worst.

In one case, an LVN license applicant with a battery conviction was issued a clear license with a citation.  In a second case, an LVN license applicant who had suffered a court-martial for drug offenses was granted a clear license with a citation.  In a third case, an LVN license applicant had a petty theft conviction, and in aggravation, failed to disclose her conviction on her license application, but yet was granted a full, non-probationary license with a citation.   All three cases were settled prior to hearing, saving the clients the stress, embarrassment and cost of hearing.

In all of these cases, presenting compelling evidence of rehabilitation and demonstrating a lack of public protection concerns was the key to getting these LVN license applicants full licenses without probation.