Our attorney Matt Truong was successful in achieving a restricted license for an insurance producer who had a number of prior convictions, including a felony burglary conviction.   After the client initially applied for his insurance license, his application was summarily denied due to his record.  The California Department of Insurance has the right to summarily deny (without a hearing) an application of a convicted felon.  On client’s behalf his law firm, Ray and Bishop, represented by attorney Matt Truong, petitioned for reconsideration of the summary denial.  Reconsideration was granted.  The Department of Insurance still refused to grant a license, but was willing to allow a hearing with a judge for us to plead the client’s case.

The Department of Insurance was unwilling to settle the case before hearing.  However, at the administrative hearing (trial) our associate attorney Matt Truong was able to persuade the administrative law judge that our client was rehabilitated and possessed the character to obtain an insurance license.  The administrative law judge agreed with Mr. Truong and ordered a restricted license.

This victory was the result of hard work by the client to rebuild his life, be productive, stay out of trouble, and clean up his criminal record through the courts.  The client then needed an advocate to argue his case to an administrative law judge so he could obtain a state license in the insurance industry.  To speak with a lawyer about help with your difficult California Department of Insurance license application case, contact Ray and Bishop, PLC.


Our firm boasts some of the finest attorneys in California.  Recently, our Senior Associate Attorney, Ms. Lindsay Johnson, achieved remarkable success with the California Board of Accountancy.  Our client’s CPA license had been revoked in a prior disciplinary matter that was handled by another law firm.  The client had been convicted of making false statements to a federal agency, preparing a false tax return, and burglary.  The Board later learned that our client had failed to disclose his license denial on another state application and, additionally, had been denied the right to appear before the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In spite of these obstacles, the client originally tried to reinstate without the help of an attorney, but was unsuccessful.  After hiring our firm, Ms. Johnson appeared with the client at a meeting of the Board of Accountancy and proved that our client was competent and rehabilitated.  The Board agreed, and reinstated the client’s license.

No individual case outcome can help predict what will happen in your case.  Every case is different, and this summary of excellent work does not constitute a guaranty, warranty or a prediction of how your case will go.  Nevertheless, our firm has demonstrated a track record of success with the Board of Accountancy, and if you are a CPA with a licensing problem, you should seek qualified, experienced counsel.  Legal advertisement.