We were fortunate to experience a case study in the value of getting a qualified attorney earlier this year in a case involving the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Two licensees came to us with identical serious criminal convictions for the same conduct.  We offered retention to both clients, but only one retained.  The other proceeded to represent himself.  As the hearings were held separately, we prepared our client thoroughly by securing documentary evidence and witnesses, and spent several meetings discussing his testimony.  Following his hearing, our client’s license was saved, and placed on probation.  His former colleague was unsuccessful and his license was revoked.  Knowing how to present your case to the agency can be more important than even having a strong case.  It is so easy to undo years of hard work by charging into a legal setting unprepared for the particular rules that govern administrative hearings.  If your license has value to you, invest in the security of qualified counsel.