We have successfully saved many RNs in California from license revocation after serious, lengthy Accusations were filed against them.  As a consequence of a pattern of convictions or a serious mistake, RNs often have to serve a period of probation with the Board of Registered Nursing.  The most common length of a probation term is three years.  This can be a serious interruption in a successful nursing career because of the employment approval and the limitations on overtime work.  For nurses who have alcohol-related or drug-related discipline, the conditions are even more arduous and costly, including mandatory drug testing, nurse support groups, and AA meetings, in addition to the standard terms and conditions.

There is good news!  RNs are eligible to file a petition for early termination or modification of probation as early as one year after they go on probation.  For nurses on a three-year term of probation, they can ask the Board to modify their probation and reduce some of the terms after one year from the effective date of the Decision.  That means that a nurse who’s been testing clean for a full year can approach the Board about at least lifting or modifying the alcohol related terms.  He or she could also ask for the ability to work for different agencies or for a nursing registry, get permission to work overtime, or reduce the required supervision to open up more career opportunities.

For nurses who have completed two years of probation, they can ask the Board to terminate probation early.  Even a few months saved off of a three-year term can reap a significant reward, as the earning potential of a nurse who can become a charge nurse or a supervisor can increase dramatically.

Our firm has helped hundreds of nurses navigate probation.  If you are interested in pursuing early termination or modification of probation, contact an experienced license defense attorney right away.

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