Our firm recently represented an RN in an Accusation matter before the Board of Registered Nursing.  The client had a single conviction for driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above, but had been acquitted of a charge of Driving Under the Influence.  The Board was only willing to settle the case for probation for three years with all the drug and alcohol terms, meaning the client would have been required to test for drugs/alcohol, attend AA meetings, attend a nurse support group, and attend rehab.

We took the case in front of a judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Upon a showing of the case facts, a profound expression of responsibility and remorse from the client, and strong documentary evidence, the Administrative Law Judge ordered the client be given a public reproval instead.  A letter went into the client’s file indicating that the client should not have driven with a high BAC.  The client does not have to spend any time on probation, and the client’s successful career as an RN was not interrupted.

This case does not represent a warranty, prediction, or guarantee about your individual matter, as every case is different.  However, it underscores the difference that a quality case presentation can make in preserving and protecting your career.