A physician client came to Ray & Bishop, PLC, after receiving a Statement of Issues from the California Medical Board alleging that the client had a history of substance abuse and mental health concerns.  The California Medical Board obtained the client’s medical history, and using the medical records from prior hospitals, alleged that the client demonstrated Unprofessional Conduct, Impairment, and Excessive Alcohol Use, under Business and Professions Code sections 2221 and 2234.  The Medical Board offered five years’ probation in settlement, but we took the matter before an Administrative Law Judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings in Oakland, California.  Following the hearing, the ALJ recommended that the client be granted a clear license.  The Medical Board adopted the ALJ’s recommendation and the client now has a clear license to practice in California.

This testimonial does not guarantee success in any other case, nor can it be used to predict the results of any other case.  If you have a licensing problem with the Medical Board of California, you should seek a consultation with a qualified attorney.  The result of your case depends entirely on the specific facts of your case.  However, the results of this case show that sometimes the Medical Board of California will accept the recommendation of an Administrative Law Judge even when it is contrary to their position prior to hearing.  It is important to completely understand your legal rights if you have been denied a license or if a licensing agency has filed an Accusation or a Statement of Issues against you.