If you are facing disciplinary action, take these steps:


  1. Don’t ignore the agency. Most agencies have code sections that make failure to cooperate an independent basis for discipline.
  2. Be careful what you say. Agency attorneys and investigators have one goal: to build a case against you. They cannot offer you independent advice or act in your best interest.
  3. Keep a record. If you’re doing good work or you’ve changed your life, keep good records of evaluations, charitable work, and positive assessments of your character.
  4. Call an experienced attorney. There is no substitute for an experienced professional license defense attorney who has helped professionals protect their most important asset: their career.


The attorneys at Ray and Bishop, PLC have experience successfully defending business and professional licenses for over 25 years.

Here’s how we can help:

If you are facing an Accusation from a licensing agency, we can help you defend your career by defending against false accusation or rehabilitating against potential mistakes.

If there’s an Investigation and you are the target, we stand between you and the agency and protect you, making sure we are at your side to prevent or limit future discipline.

If your license application has been Denied, we have helped hundreds of potential professionals navigate the hearing process and pursue their chosen career.

About Our Firm

Ray & Bishop AttorneysRay & Bishop PLC is a boutique law firm practicing one kind of law: professional license defense.  Our clients and colleagues know us for:

  • Dependability
  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Integrity

We are hired because of our reputation and our results.

We have an outstanding record for helping professionals attain, defend, or re-instate their licenses.


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