California’s Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System, or C.U.R.E.S. (CURES) for short, is a prescription monitoring program aggregating DEA Schedule II, II and IV prescriptions.  Maintained by the California Department of Justice and primarily used by physicians, podiatrists, dentists, physician assistants, optometrists, nurse practitioners, pharmacies and pharmacists, C.U.R.E.S. represents a massive, relatively

As I have written about before, the C.U.R.E.S. database was created and is maintained by the California Department of Justice to track the prescriptions of Californians.  The purpose of this database is ostensibly to detect patient prescription drug abuse and over-prescribing by physicians.  However, C.U.R.E.S. is a huge medical information database that is unprotected from unchecked