One of our clients now works as a general contractor after he won a hard-fought battle against the Contractor’s State License Board.  Our client served many years in prison after a severe methamphetamine addiction led to an accident involving a young child.  The client came to us after the license application had been denied, and the California Department of Justice attorney indicated to us that CSLB would not issue the client any kind of license. 

We prepared the client for hearing and took the case before an administrative law judge.  We helped the client acquire a package of rehabilitation evidence to present to the judge, prepared the client’s family and friends to testify, and went over every detail of the steps our client had taken to restore his reputation and make amends for his crime and addiction.  Despite strong opposition from the Attorney General’s office, the judge was persuaded that our client deserved his contractor’s license.  Although the Board had opposed licensure from the beginning, they reviewed the ALJ’s decision and adopted it as their own.  Now our client is a successful general contractor.