A licensed vocational nurse functioning as a supervisor of other LVNs in a care facility was accused by the facility of failing to report an incident of a patient falling in the facility.  With our guidance, the nurse admitted to the DCA investigator that the fall had occurred and it had not been properly reported.  We assisted the nurse in presenting evidence of rehabilitation as well as the context for the incident, including the nurse’s working conditions and the impact of a personal trauma on the day of the alleged failure to report.  The Department of Consumer Affairs concluded its investigation and sent it to the LVN Board for review.  The Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians elected not to file a disciplinary action, and closed the case with no adverse reporting, disciplinary action, or consequences for our nursing client.  This case highlights the importance of having experienced counsel manage all disclosures and information between an accused nurse and the licensing board, since even cases where fault is admitted can end with a dismissal or a lack of discipline.