In 2019, we represented a licensee of the Department of Insurance who had previously held a restricted license due to a criminal conviction.  After the initial restrictions were lifted, the client was disciplined twice by FINRA, revoked in another state, and had an application denied in yet another state. The client failed to notify DOI about either of the out-of-state matters as required by the Insurance Code, and one of the FINRA disciplinary actions.  The Department issued a summary revocation, meaning the client would lose his license in 30 days and would not be entitled to even present evidence at an administrative hearing.  We filed a Petition for Reconsideration directly to the Department after gathering evidence of rehabilitation from the client.  That petition was granted, which allowed the client an opportunity to defend the case in hearing.  However, with our experience and using sound factual and legal arguments, we were able to negotiate a restricted license so that the client could continue in business.