Our firm represented an applicant to the California Department of Insurance who had applied for a Property and Casualty Broker-Agent License for the second time, after previously being denied in 2017.  The applicant had three convictions: two for receiving stolen property, and one for unauthorized use of identity, between 2010 and 2012.  The 2017 application contained a false statement regarding the convictions.  Because of the applicant’s history, CDI refused to offer a settlement, and took the position that the applicant needed to wait even longer before being allowed to produce insurance.

Due to the participation of character references from the applicant’s workplace and strong evidence of rehabilitation, the Proposed Decision from the Administrative Law Judge granted a license with a restriction to obey all laws, and the Department of Insurance adopted the Decision.

Even when the agency refuses to compromise, a skilled, experienced attorney can work with license applicants even with a history of dishonesty or false statements to achieve licensure.  This applicant now works in the insurance agency thanks to their strong case presentation and effective legal arguments.

Ray & Bishop helps Department of Insurance license applicant who have struggled with denials to overcome those hurdles to finally secure licenses.