Professional License Law

It seems that every few days I run across someone new who claims to be a “professional license lawyer”, “occupational license lawyer” or “license defense lawyer”.  Looking at flashy websites and claims of experience and thorough knowledge, it is difficult to tell who is a qualified, experienced  professional license lawyer and who isn’t.  However, there

Orange County and Riverside County licensees and license applicants may typically have their cases heard in either the Office of Administrative Hearings in Los Angeles, the Office of Administrative Hearings in San Diego, or a local venue in Orange County, depending upon the licensing agency.  Certain large boards, such as the Medical Board of California

The financial regulatory agency FINRA disciplines stock brokers and financial advisors who are associated with its members.    A FINRA investigation can culminate in an “on-the-record” interview, or OTR, also referred to as a deposition.  A FINRA OTR is a critical development in an investigation, as it signals that FINRA is seriously considering discipline against an

After receiving an order revoking or disciplining a license, there is a less expensive alternative to a direct appeal that a licensee can take just after getting an adverse decision but before attempting an appeal in the courts: a Petition for Reconsideration filed directly with the state agency.  Petitions for Reconsideration are the licensee’s opportunity

Licensees and license applicants are usually aware that criminal convictions can cause them problems with state agencies.  As we’ve discussed on this blog before, even expunged convictions show up on a rap sheet, and licensing agencies have the statutory authority to require that the conviction be disclosed.  What licensees often don’t realize is

As of 2012, the Department of Real Estate now requires its licensed brokers and real estate salespersons to report certain “adverse events” to the Department.  Business and Professions Code §10186.2 requires a licensee to make a report, in writing, within 30 days if any of the following occur:

–         A licensee is charged with a