In late 2012, we won a hard fought victory against the Board of Registered Nursing.  A nurse with a stellar 40 year career was accused of forging a prescription.  However, upon closer examination, the evidence showed that the nurse merely recorded a doctor’s verbal order.  The nurse’s only mistakes were to not have confirmed that the doctor wanted the prescription written, and to later add a date to the prescription.

The nurse had been fired by a rival in the hospital administration and was thrown under the bus by the treating physician.  On tough cross examination, we showed that the boss that fired the nurse was prejudiced and therefore not credible.  The doctor, likewise, was not credible, displaying a selective memory and mixing up of facts. 

Although the Board had demanded license probation before hearing, the administrative law judge agreed that probation was unwarranted.  The license was reprimanded and the costs of investigation (that the licensee has to pay after hearing) were cut down by the judge by 75% (by over $15,000.00).   Pursuant to Board policies, the license reprimand will come off the nurse’s license record after three years.